BEING AWARE of WHO I AM here and now and knowing the depth of my identity I’m SHAPING THE FUTURE OF MY CHILDREN AND DESCENDANTS from today!


It is about relationships:

  • Presence and live contact contribute to psychological recovery, give strength during the war times.
  • Psychological support is aimed at providing deep psychological, resource-oriented and advisory assistance.
  • Together we are creating a safe space full of coziness .



  • The improvement of the psycho-emotional state of children (preventing the development of PTSD);
  • Psychoeducation and improvement of the psycho-emotional state of parents, creation of a healthy family environment;
  • Psychoemotional support of the elderly people;
  • Helping military personnel to regulate their psycho-emotional state (preventing the development of PTSD);
  • Helping families of servicemen cope with the difficulties of integration and return to regular civilian life;
  • Psycho-emotional support of volunteers


Psychological and resource-oriented support for groups includes:
sharing, active listening; the application of art therapy techniques and resource motives; group participants’ interaction, support and socialization.
Presence and live contact contribute to psychological recovery.

Psychological and resource-oriented support are available in the following format:
fixed groups of 7-9 people; up to 5-10 (once a week) group meetings, depending on the dynamics of the group; duration of the group work is 60-90 minutes for one meeting.

The GROUPS including 7 – 9 people

The number of meetings is 5-10 group meetings

The duration of the practice is 60-90 minutes for one meeting


We are a team of professional consultants, psychologists, psychoanalysts and psychotherapists: symbol dramatists, art therapists, gestalt consultants, body-oriented consultants, resource-oriented consultants. We provide psychological advisory assistance in the psychological-resource, educational and cultural space “THE TREE OF MY LIFE”.


In Uzhhorod, Mukachevo, Svaliаva.

«Openness to life allows you to learn the world in its fullness and love.»

Liubov Mykhajliuk

The founder of the psychological and educational space «Tree of My Life».  

Candidate for resource-oriented consultants, School of Individual and Group Counseling and Family Counseling, Institute for the Development of Symbol Drama and Deep Psychology

Master of Religious Sciences, Ukrainian Catholic University.

Lviv I. Franko State University

Consulting practice 4 years.

«In listening to the world,to another person,to ourselves we hear the depth, hear a special language and get closer to ourselves.»

Ksenia Theresa Tarnavska

Co-founder of the psychological and educational space «Tree of My Life». 

Analytically oriented psychologist, candidate for psychotherapists in the method of symbol drama, active member of IDSDDP, author of training programs.

Leader of therapeutic groups on dreams and knowledge of archetypes, symbols.

15 years of psychological practice. 

«Everyone is important and needed in their place. Everyone - on their own front»

Tetiana Rohozhan

Candidate for resource-oriented consultants, School of individual and group counseling and family counseling, IDSDDP.

Painter, graphic designer, teacher.

4 years of consulting practice. 

«Only you yourself can change your life for the better, just by having the intention to do so.» (Eastern wisdom)

Olena Herzhenij

Psychologist-practitioner, game practitioner, specialist in work with metaphorical associative cards, therapist in work with sand, Gestalt consultant.

15 years of psychological practice. 

«When the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous man do?” (Psalm 11:3) My answer to myself: "To remain human and radiate light even more zealously!»

Natalia Vasko

Teacher, consultant in body-oriented psychotherapy, School of Vyacheslav and Olena Smirnov, instructor in Tibetan gymnastics, International Academy of Human Self-Development System «Zhym Lam». 

Physically oriented practice for 8 years.

«You need it, so it IS possible»

Oksana Kuzmenko

Practical psychologist. 

The specialist in the following areas: practical-therapeutic course «Balance your life with creativity!»; school of intuitive and metaphorical creativity and awareness «A painting alive»; practical-therapeutic course «Kaleidoscope of art therapy practices» (graphic materials, oil, acrylic, wool;) school of intuitive-metaphorical creativity and awareness «A painting alive».

10 years of art therapy practice.

«Don't forget to dream every day, don't forget to smile through grief. Smiling lips is the armor that can not be broken even by your fate» Lina Kostenko

Valentyna Kasych

One of the first licensed Zumba® instructors in Transcarpathia (since 2016)

Instructor of Zumba® Fitness, Zumba® Gold, Strong Nation®/ Certified trainer of group fitness programs. Member of Zumba® Instructor Network (ZIN™). 

Coaching experience: 10 years
Dance experience: 14 years

«І like the sun in spring, leaves in summer, apples in autumn, and making a snowman in winter. I love life, and I hope it is mutual.»

Halyna Pastukhova

The administrator of the space «Tree of My Life» in Uzhhorod. 

Curator of the group for respected society
«Time for yourself».

Craftswoman: knitting and crocheting; plain and cross stitch; beading.

«Only firmself is the symbol of self-preservation» (Vasyl Stus)

Nadiia Vovk

A book lover at the call of my heart, a philologist in my heart, a lawyer by education. I have always been filled with love for literature, in particular Ukrainian books, because an important part of the national identity is encoded there. 

Books are joy, happiness, laughter and tears, adventures, horrors, love stories, life, love and death. When emotions overflow, they must be shared. This is what I share with everyone.